Company EKOTRADEMETAL Ltd. is a private company based in Bulgaria in the town of Silistra. The factory is located on the banks of the Danube River. It is 150 km away from the strategic ports of Varna and Constanta - both located on the Black Sea Coast, 120 km away from Bucharest - the capital of Romania, 260 km away from the southern borders of Ukraine and Moldova as well as 600 km away from Turkey and Greece.

We are certified under Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO 9001-2001 and Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO 14001-200. We produce profitable, fast and with high quality various in complexity, size and volume of precision castings of color and black metal and alloys with special features according to customer preferences.

The company has its own patented technology in Europe for recycling and processing of a brass waste ash and dust while grinding sanitaryplumbing fixtures, decorative railings etc. The processing yield is up to 59 % cast brass with excellent quality. This makes us a preferred partner of leading companies such as "Ideal Standart" for the ecological and efficient processing of the brass waste.

We have required specialized transport and opportunities for further implementation of new additional orders.